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Validation algorithms.

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  Files folder image Checknum Class  
Author: Pierre FAUQUE <e-mail contact>
Calculate verification numbers using Luhn mod10

  Files folder image CheckRegExp  
Author: Jordi Girones <e-mail contact>
Validate values with regular expressions

  Files folder image chkFiscalCode_it  
Author: Daniele Testoni <e-mail contact>
Check Italian VAT and fiscal Code

  Files folder image Class CAPTCHA  
Author: Lukasz Socha <e-mail contact>
Generate image with text for CAPTCHA validation

  Files folder image Class Email Sender  
Author: José Augusto Ferreira Franco <e-mail contact>
Validate e-mail addresses and send simple messages

  Files folder image class.Validation.php  
Author: Magd Kudama <e-mail contact>
Validate input values according to many rules

  Files folder image clsNetwork  
Author: Ryan McLean <e-mail contact>
Resolve and validate networking addresses

  Files folder image cm forms  
Author: Maurice Courtois <e-mail contact>
Validate and processing Web forms

  Files folder image CNP validator  
Author: the pop <e-mail contact>
Validate and extract details from a Romanian CNP

  Files folder image CodeIgniter ReCaptcha Helper  
Author: Alessio Felicioni <e-mail contact>
CodeIgniter controller for ReCAPTCHA validation

  Files folder image CodeIgniter ReCaptcha plugin  
Author: Eray Akartuna <e-mail contact>
Perform validation using Recaptcha in CodeIgniter

  Files folder image coFormClass  
Author: Charles Ouellet <e-mail contact>
Generate and validate HTML forms

  Files folder image Color CAPTCHA  
Author: Aneesh R <e-mail contact>
Generate images for CAPTCHA validation

  Files folder image Colority  
Author: tomloprod <e-mail contact>
Perform color transformation operations

  Files folder image Combo Validation  
Author: sinasalek <e-mail contact>
Validates Web forms on browser and server side

  Files folder image Compare Validator  
Author: Mohammad Mostafa Shahreki <e-mail contact>
Generate JavaScript to compare two form inputs

  Files folder image Complex PHP Form Design...  
Author: Stefan Kientzler <e-mail contact>
Display and process complex HTML forms HTML forms

  Files folder image Comprehensive Data Validation  
Author: Brad Glinkerman <e-mail contact>
Validate values of many types

  Files folder image Convenient filter interface  
Author: Grigori Kochanov <e-mail contact>
Retrieve and filter request variable values

  Files folder image CPF/CNPJ Validation  
Author: André Cupini <e-mail contact>
Validation of Brazilian CPF/CNPJ numbers

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