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Validation algorithms.

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  Files folder image Janitor  
Author: Kenth Hagström <e-mail contact>
Validate and sanitize different types of values

  Files folder image JavaScript in PHP  
Author: Edwin F. Sturt <e-mail contact>
Generate JavaScript for validation of HTML forms

  Files folder image JMBG  
Author: Nemanja Avramovic <e-mail contact>
Validate and extract details from JMBG numbers

  Files folder image JSCaptcha (unvulnerable...  
Author: xStream <e-mail contact>
CAPTCHA validation using an image and JavaScript

  Files folder image JSON Schema Validator  
PHP Programming Innovation award nominee
March 2018
Number 2

Prize: One big elePHPant Plush Mascott
Author: Muhammad Arfeen <e-mail contact>
Validate JSON data using a structure specification

  Files folder image KCAPTCHA  
Author: Sergei Kruglov <e-mail contact>
Generate CAPTCHA validation images with effects

  Files folder image KG CAPTCHA Class  
Author: Muharrem ERIN <e-mail contact>
Generate images for CAPTCHA validation

  Files folder image Klin Validator  
Author: Akeem Aweda <e-mail contact>
Validate arrays of values according to given rules

  Files folder image KVerifiableData  
Author: Kinika Tasie-Amadi <e-mail contact>
Validate data by type, constraint or dependency

  Files folder image Laravel Helpers Classes  
Author: Moamen Eltouny <e-mail contact>
General-purpose classes, traits and functions

  Files folder image Laravel JSON Request...  
PHP Programming Innovation award nominee
February 2021
Number 5
Author: Thiago Przyczynski <e-mail contact>
Disallow HTTP requests that do not accept JSON

  Files folder image Laravel Nova Saudi ID...  
Author: Naif Alshaye <e-mail contact>
Validate ID numbers for people from Saudi Arabia

  Files folder image Laravel Phone Number...  
PHP Programming Innovation award nominee
January 2023
Number 9
Author: Roman Kozin <e-mail contact>
Validate phone numbers with country codes

  Files folder image Laravel Phone Validation  
Author: Hicri <e-mail contact>
Laravel service to validate phone numbers

  Files folder image Laravel Recaptcha Validation  
Author: Isa Eken <e-mail contact>
Validate human users using Recaptcha API

  Files folder image Laravel Simple Validation  
Author: Chun-Sheng, Li <e-mail contact>
Add validation rules to use in Laravel application

  Files folder image Leopard Form  
Author: Jakub Kuritka <e-mail contact>
Compose, output and validate HTML forms

  Files folder image Leopard Validator  
Author: Jakub Kuritka <e-mail contact>
Validate text values using several rules

  Files folder image lib_form  
Author: Piotr <e-mail contact>
Create and validate HTML forms

  Files folder image License management class  
PHP Programming Innovation award winner
January 2011

Prize: One copy of the Zend Studio
Author: Payam Khaninejad <e-mail contact>
Generate and validate license serial numbers

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