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Validation algorithms.

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  Files folder image Disposable Temporary Email...  
PHP Programming Innovation award nominee
August 2015
Number 4

Prize: One book of choice by Packt
Author: Suresh Kumar <e-mail contact>
Determine if an email address is temporary

  Files folder image dm.KittenAuth  
Author: Richard Munroe <e-mail contact>
CAPTCHA validation using images and questions

  Files folder image DNSBL  
Author: Alexey Znaev <e-mail contact>
Check spam IP address in DNS black lists

  Files folder image Domain and Email Validator  
Author: dileep awasthi <e-mail contact>
Validate e-mail addresses checking its domain

  Files folder image Easy CAPTCHA  
Author: chaabelasri <e-mail contact>
Generate images for CAPTCHA validation

  Files folder image Easy Input Validator  
Author: Aleksandar Zivanovic <e-mail contact>
Validate request values according to given rules

  Files folder image Easy PHP CAPTCHA  
Author: Juan Pablo Irungaray Segura <e-mail contact>
Generate images for user CAPTCHA validation

  Files folder image Easy PHP Validation  
Author: Jeff Williams <e-mail contact>
Validate and fetch request and other value types.

  Files folder image Easy Recaptcha  
Author: Abdelkader Elkalidi <e-mail contact>
Validate human users with Recaptcha

  Files folder image Easy Upload Class  
Author: Piotr <e-mail contact>
Validate and process files uploaded via forms

  Files folder image Easy Validation  
Author: meivin123 <e-mail contact>
Validate array of submitted form values

  Files folder image EAValidator  
Author: Roberto Aleman <e-mail contact>
Validate an e-mail address by checking its domain

  Files folder image EDCriptator  
Author: Andoitz Jordan Marmolejo <e-mail contact>
Store and check encrypted user passwords in MySQL

  Files folder image Email Address Validator  
Author: Michael Rushton <e-mail contact>
Validate e-mail addresses checking their format

  Files folder image Email Validation  
Author: Mahmoud Farag <e-mail contact>
Validate a list of e-mail addresses from a file

  Files folder image Email Validator  
Author: David Tavarez <e-mail contact>
Validate email addresses checking DNS records

  Files folder image esiform  
PHP Programming Innovation award nominee
December 2004
Number 5

Prize: One downloadable copy of Komodo Pro
Author: Tino Ehrich <e-mail contact>
Validate Web forms and execute follow-up actions

  Files folder image EU VAT Checker  
Author: Martin Dahl-Larsen <e-mail contact>
Validate European Union VAT numbers

  Files folder image Exception for data validation  
Author: FERNANDO CUNHA <e-mail contact>
Validate and throw exceptions for invalid values

  Files folder image EZ PHP Captcha Script  
Author: MHCSoft Development <e-mail contact>
Validate human users showing an image with a text

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