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Classes specific for India

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  Files folder image 1. AJAX CAPTCHA  
Author: dhayalan <e-mail contact>
Generate image for CAPTCHA validation

  Files folder image 2. Integers to words  
Author: Akhilesh <e-mail contact>
Spell numbers with English words

  Files folder image 3. ISCII Unicode Manager  
Author: sunish <e-mail contact>
Convert Hindi text in ISCII to Unicode

  Files folder image 4. NDNC Registration Check  
Author: Andy Dixon <e-mail contact>
Check if a number on the India's NDNC registry

  Files folder image 5. NDNC Registration Checker  
Author: Mihir Kadiwala <e-mail contact>
Check whether a number is registered in NDNC

  Files folder image 6. Number to string class  
Author: gokul <e-mail contact>
Spell Indian money amounts with English words

  Files folder image 7. PHP Indian Number To String  
Author: Hardik Kachhia <e-mail contact>
Convert Indian value amount to English words

  Files folder image 8. PHP MySQL Manager  
Author: Parag Yelonde <e-mail contact>
Perform common MySQL database access operations

  Files folder image 9. Shopping cart AJAX  
Author: Suhani <e-mail contact>
Add products to a shopping cart using AJAX

  Files folder image 10. SMS Twitter to India  
Author: Dharmveer Motyar <e-mail contact>
Send SMS messages when Twitter status is update

  Files folder image 11. Speed Diagnostic  
Author: sanjeev <e-mail contact>
Measure the speed of execution of a PHP script

  Files folder image 12. WBR TAG Insertion like Gmail  
PHP Programming Innovation award nominee
December 2012
Number 5

Prize: One copy of RadPHP XE2
Author: Anuj Verma <e-mail contact>
Break long HTML text strings with the <wbr> tag

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